About Us

Who We Are:

First Way is part of the crisis pregnancy service branch of the pro-life movement, of which there are over 4,000 in the United States. Our goal is to provide loving assistance, emotional and financial support for women and girls who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

First Way Life Center is affiliated with The National Life Center, Inc. is the parent organization for all 1st WAY pregnancy service centers. We all hope and pray our pregnant girls and women will choose life because life is the 1st WAY we want them to look when they are pregnant.

 Our Approach

Our society often fails to meet the needs of women and girls in pregnancy crisis. We exist to extend the services required for women to carry their babies to term with dignity and peace of mind.

No woman or girl should be seen as a mere incubator of a baby. We respect her, for she carries a very special message from God in the child she carries in her womb. This message will never be repeated. Therefore, it is our duty to provide the appropriate assistance to ensure that her mission may be completed.

We discuss early fetal development and the physical and emotional side effects of abortion. We attempt to present the whole picture of woman’s pregnancy along with her options.

We offer women and couples our support to choose the positive alternative because we believe that “no problem is so great that it warrants destruction of innocent life.”  Should the woman reject our advice and seek an abortion, we leave the opportunity open for her to return for further counsel if she desires.


Feel Free to Call 1st WAY at 815-385-2999